Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (Rosselkhoznadzor)
Duck Virus Hepatitis Jeopardizes Poultry Farming


17.10.2019 08:29

The duck virus hepatitis is included into the OIE Animal Health Code list of highly dangerous infections. The economic losses results from deaths of young ducklings, reaching up to 95 %, stunting of convalescent birds and costs of veterinary-sanitary measures in infected holdings.

Mostly cases of the disease are reported in Asia-Pacific countries. Some cases were reported in Egypt, the USA, Canada and some European countries. Different causative isolates refer to 20 different serotypes. Mordeover, vaccines based on one serotype of DVH do not prevent poultry against the virus of another serotype. That is why there is a significant risk of the infection introduction and spread in the territory of the Russian Federation. The only prevention measure is vaccination.

To achieve this goal the Rosselkhoznadzor subordinate FGBI “Federal Center for Animal Health” recommends the embryonic vaccine against DVH based on strain VGNKI-K“. the vaccine is destined for duck vaccination at DVH risk and infected poultry farms.

The vaccine can be used both for duckling and adult poultry immunization with the purpose of transovarian immunity development. The vaccine against this disease is the only product produced domestically. In addition to the above outlined advantages, the vaccine is low-cost and affordable product.

Long-term use of the vaccine in poultry holdings has proved to effectively protect ducklings during the susceptible period to the disease. The product is successfully marketed in Russia and CIS countries.

FGBI “ARRIAH” Press-office

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