Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (Rosselkhoznadzor)
Consulting services

Consulting services

The FGBI ARRIAH provides consulting services on a contractual basis to support the certification of various types of food products, grains and feedstuffs.

This service includes:

— assistance in preparation of the request for testing of products for the purpose of conformity certification, including identification of the list of indicators and test methods in accordance with regulatory documents and requirements of the Eurasian Economic Union technical regulations for certain types of food products;

— assistance in the generation and verification of the evidence base for the conformity certification;

— assessment of test reports for completeness of safety indicators and preparation correctness;

— preparation of draft certificates of conformity and preparation for electronic signing;

— remote configuration of the customer's workplace.

For the convenience of our customers, all the necessary laboratory tests within the framework of conformity certification procedures are performed in the FGBI ARRIAH accredited testing laboratories.


Tula Branch: tel. 8 (4872) 30-45-78, e-mail: serttula@mail.ru

Moscow Branch: tel. 8 905-708-32-67, e-mail: marketing@cnmvl.ru

Lipetsk Branch: tel. 8 (4742) 79-74-85, e-mail: referent.tl@mail.ru

Ryazan Branch: tel. 8 (4912) 33-99-90, e-mail: fil-rzn-62@mail.ru

Samara Branch: tel. 8 (8463) 42-62-03, e-mail: zerno-samara@mail.ru

Territorial office for the Vladimir, Kostroma and Ivanovo Oblasts: tel. 8 (4922) 77-74-14, 8 (4922) 77-74-10, e-mail: vladvniikr@vtsnet.ru

Oryol Branch: tel. 8 962-475-48-14, e-mail: yarmolinskaya.orel@yandex.ru

Kaluga Branch: tel. 8 (4842)79-33-17, e-mail: cnmvlkaluga@yandex.ru

Kursk Branch: tel. 8 (4712) 73-09-97, e-mail: kursk-karantin@mail.ru

Altai Branch: tel. 8 (3852) 63-65-15, e-mail: oi-altai@mail.ru

Novosibirsk Branch: tel. 8 (3832) 23-77-93, e-mail: sertnsk@mail.ru

Tyumen Branch: tel. 8 (3452) 25-86-06, e-mail: vetlab4@yandex.ru

Chelyabinsk Branch: tel. 8 (3517) 22-48-33, e-mail: vetlab74@mail.ru

Chuvashia Branch: tel. 8 903-708-13-44, e-mail: cnmvl21@mail.ru

Saransk Branch: tel. 8 (8342) 38-09-01, e-mail: infocnmvl13@mail.ru

Udmurtia Branch: tel. 8 (3412) 31-39-04, e-mail: udmurtfilial@mail.ru

Tatarstan Branch: tel. 8 (8432) 22-92-65, e-mail: trvl_bird@mail.ru

Bashkortostan Branch: tel. 8 (3472) 46-45-10, e-mail: gsirb@mail.ru

Kemerovo Branch: tel. 8 (3842) 57-20-86, e-mail: vetlab@bk.ru

Ulyanovsk Branch: tel. 8-903-708-13-24, e-mail: ulyanovsk.lab@mail.ru

Bryansk Branch: tel. 8 (4832) 32-77-17, e-mail: sertif@bmvl.ru

Belgorod Branch: tel. 8 (4722) 75-35-81, e-mail: belsertif@yandex.ru