Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (Rosselkhoznadzor)
Laboratory tests

Laboratory tests

General information


FGBI “Federal Centre for Animal Health” performs:

• tests in the field of animal health (diagnosis of bacterial, viral, parasitic, internal non-contagious diseases of mammals, birds, aquatic animals, bees, reptiles);

• tests of food products and raw materials of animal and plant origin;

• tests in the field of plant quarantine (tests and examination of quarantined products and quarantine pests);

• determination of planting and varietal properties of seeds and planting stock;

• tests of feed and feed additives of animal, plant, mineral and synthetic origin;

• tests of soil, sewage and natural waters;

• tests of grain and products thereof, cereals, combined feeds and components used for their production.

FGBI ARRIAH performs tests of all types

• Pathological

• Virological

• Bacteriological

• Microbiological

• Molecular genetic

• DNA diagnostic

• Serological

• Histological

• Mycological

• Toxicological

• Radiological

• Clinical analysis of blood and urine

• Biochemical analysis of blood and urine



In order to perform the tests efficiently and to obtain accurate results, it is essential to correctly collect, pack and deliver the sample to the laboratory. The following information is recommended for use when preparing the sample for the delivery to the laboratory (RUS):

Collection, packing and delivery requirements for the samples to be tested for bacterial diseases;

Collection, packing and delivery requirements for the samples to be tested for viral diseases;

Collection, packing and delivery requirements for the samples to be tested for parasitic diseases;

• Requirements for packing and delivery of different types of samples to the laboratory.

In pursuance of clause 3.3 of the Statute approved by Rosselkhoznadzor order of 31 May 2011 No. 226, the Federal State-Financed Institution “Central Scientific and Methodical Veterinary Laboratory” performs commercial laboratory diagnostic tests under the contracts signed with natural and legal persons at the prices set as prescribed by the law of the Russian Federation.

* - Customer fills in its bank details and submits the signed and sealed completed contract to the Institution.

The laboratory tests are performed on the basis of the request for testing and sampling report.

Forms and documents (RUS)



Sampling request

Sampling report

Swab sampling report

Water sampling report

Satisfaction survey

Application for determination of the quarantine phytosanitary status of the quarantined products

Application for determination of quarantine phytosanitary status of quarantine pests

Application for testing seeds and planting stock for planting and varietal properties

General agreement

Contract for paid services (laboratory tests)

Supplementary agreement with contract party