Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (Rosselkhoznadzor)
Metrology service

Metrology service

The FGBI ARRIAH provides metrology outsourcing services to companies!

Advantages of metrology outsourcing services:

Concrete work within metrological support is carried out in preliminarily agreed quantities and may include the following types:

We also offer  A METROLOGICAL AUDIT!!!


The metrology service also provides services in INSTRUMENT QUALIFICATION  in accordance with GOST R 8.568-2017 Official system for uniform measurement assurance. Instrument Qualification Main provisions".

AIMS Qualification is carried out to confirm the characteristics of the test equipment and its capability to reproduce the specified conditions with the limits specified by the operator. The deviation tolerances for the results obtained is verified and the suitability for the intended use is proved.

QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS In order to carry out the qualification of the test equipment, the following must be observed:

qualification is performed using authorized measuring instruments;
measuring instruments must be pre-calibrated; the
an approved qualification methodology shall be available.

there are three types of the the instrument qualification:

The Metrology Service can qualify the following laboratory equipment:

Qualification is performed by qualified trained specialists according to GOST R 8.568-2017.

If the results of the primary qualification are positive, a certificate is issued based on the primary qualification report. The results of periodic instrument qualification are presented in the report.


Contact phone: 8-920-270-68-85

Application model for instrument qualification

Standard contract for  instrument qualification