Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (Rosselkhoznadzor)
Proficiency testing (pt) provider (provider of interlaboratory comparison tests)

Proficiency testing (pt) provider (provider of interlaboratory comparison tests)

APPLY FOR proficiency testing

Information on the Provider

Proficiency testing (PT) Provider (Provider of Interlaboratory Comparison Tests)

Head of the Provider/Head of the Department for External Quality Assessment - Vinera R. Abubekerova

The technical head of the Provider - Nina F. Golovina,

Information on the PT Provider (provider of interlaboratory comparison tests) – the FGBI ARRIAH:

Name: PT Provider (provider of interlaboratory comparison tests) –

The Federal State-Financed Institution "Federal Center for Animal Health"

Address of the PT Provider: 111622 Moscow, ul.Orangereynaya, 23, stroen. 2

Contact phones: 8 (905) 708-93-65 (External Quality Assessment), 8 (905) 189-66-61 (Head of the Department)


Information for PT participants

In order to participate in the proficiency testing, please, submit an application to —
vneshlab-cnmvl@mail.ru .

Deadlines for submitting an application:

Quarter I: until February 13, 2023
Quarter II: until April 10, 2023
Quarter III: until July 10, 2023
Quarter IV: until October 09, 2023

PT samples are either self-collected or delivered by a transport company contracted by the Customer. It is the Customer who is responsible for the quality of PT samples as well as for compliance with the transportation requirements, after certificates for sample receipt and transfer are signed.

PT samples are issued at:
Moscow, ul. Orangereynaya, 23; from 09.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. on weekdays

Why us?

1) The FGBI ARRIAH has been arranging proficiency tests for more than 10 years. Since 2013, it has been a recognized provider of PT services and is included into the REGISTER OF PROVIDERS, which guarantees a high quality of PT services. In 2019, the FGBI ARRIAH was accredited in the national accreditation system as a PT provider (provider of interlaboratory comparison tests), data on the Centre were included into the register of accredited entities on February 01, 2019. The Centre's unique number in the register of accredited entities is RA.RU.430278.

2) Most rounds offered by the Centre have no equal in the Russian Federation.

3) The FGBI ARRIAH guarantees confidentiality for any PT participant.



A participant who files a complaint or an appeal shall be responsible for the accuracy of the information provided. If no clarification follows, or any attempts to get in touch with the participant who filed a complaint or an appeal have failed (within three working day, using available contact details), the complaint/appeal will remain unconsidered. Anonymous complaints/appeals shall not be considered. Customer's feedback, claims or complaints are given in the form chosen by the Customer.

Forms and documents

Scope of accreditation
Order of Rosaccreditation "On accreditation of the FGBI ARRIAH"
Order of Rosaccreditation "On verification of competence and expansion of the FGBI ARRIAH's scope of accreditation "
Proficiency testing plan for 2023
Calendar plan of PT programs for 2023
Terms and conditions for participation in proficiency testing
On-line application for participation in proficiency testing
Standard contract for proficiency testing
Receipt and transportation of samples 


Summary report for Quarter I
Summary report for Quarter II
Final report for Quarter III
Final report for Quarter IV