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FGBI “ARRIAH” Participates in 10th Annual Meeting Epizone “Going Viral”


20.01.2017 09:49

International scientific conference “Going Viral” within 10th Annual Meeting Epizone took place on September 27 – 30, 2016 in Madrid, Spain.

Leading scientists in the area of infectious epidemiology and pathology of most vital and significant animal diseases from Europe, USA and Asia took part in the event.

The presented research works were devoted mostly to prevention and diagnostics of highly dangerous transboundary animal diseases as well as to new approaches of their study. Currently the most vital and problematic issues are control and prevention of African swine fever, bluetongue and lumpy skin disease.

Alexey Igolkin (Candidate of Sciences, Veterinary Medicine), Head of Reference Laboratory of the FGBI “Federal Centre for Animal Health” presented a report on Tandem repeat sequence in the intergenic region MGF 505 9R/10R is a new marker of the genetic variability among ASF Genotype II viruses. The presented material and work made by the Russian scientists was highly assessed by the Organization Committee and participants.

The experts from leading European and global scientific centers involved into the study of transboundary diseases, like CISA-INIA (Spain), the Friedrich-Loeffler Institute (Germany), Pirbright Institute (Great Britain), CRESA (Spain), DTU (Denmark), ANSES (France), CODA-CERVA (Belgium) and others took part in the conference.

As for ASF the major activities of the European scientists are focused on the assessment of properties of the virus circulating in Eastern Europe, molecular genetic studies aimed at obtaining of virus deletion mutants and study of their properties for further use as the basis of the future vaccine as well as new trends on the ASF epidemic process in Eastern Europe.

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