Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (Rosselkhoznadzor)
Global Epidemic Situation on Highly Dangerous Animal Diseases (January 1-31, 2017)


02.08.2017 11:24

In January 2017, 916 disease outbreaks were notified to the OIE.

I. The following disease outbreaks were reported in Russia^

Five ASF outbreaks (December 27, 2016-January 25, 2017). ASF was reported in farm animals in the Saratov Oblast (1 outbreak) and Rostov Oblast (1 outbreak); ASF was reported in wild animals in the Vladimir Oblast (2 outbreaks) and Saratov Oblast (1 outbreak). Seven HPAI H5 outbreaks were reported (December 26, 2016-January 8, 2017). The HPAI was reported in poultry in Krasnodar Krai (1 outbreak), Rostov Oblast (2 outbreaks) and in the Chechen Republic (1 outbreak). AI was also reported in swans in Krasnodar Krai (2 outbreaks) and in four zoo bird species in Voronezh (1 outbreak). II. ASF was reported in Lithuania (10), Poland (26) and Ukraine (17). FMD (serotypoe О) was reported in cattle in the western part of China. One outbreak of PPR was reported both in Israel and Mongolia. Greek Veterinary Service notified sheep and goat pox (3).

Highly pathogenic avian influenza was reported in Ireland (3), Spain (1), Italy (6), Kazakhstan (1), Kuwait (1), Macedonia (1), Slovenia (7), Croatia (4), Czech Republic (31), Bangladesh (2), Great Britain (17), Germany (46), Greece (4), Egypt (1), Israel (6), India (31), Iran (5), China (2), Niger (1), Nigeria (3), Netherlands (2), Poland (28), Romania (19), Serbia (4), Slovakia (22), USA (1), Taiwan (6), Uganda (3), Ukraine (4), Finland (3), France (132), Croatia (3), Switzerland (3), Sweden (3) and in Japan (2). Low pathogenic avian influenza was reported in Germany (3), Cambodia (1), France (5), in South Africa (1) and in Chili (2). Newcastle disease outbreaks are still reported in Israel (32).

Bluetongue outbreaks were reported in the following countries: in Italy (3), Serbia (92), France (277) and Croatia (6). Rift valley fever outbreak was reported on Mali, in Ireland an outbreak of bovine spongiform encephalopathy was reported.

In addition to the above mentioned diseases the following cases were notified to the OIE:

equine infectious anemia in Germany (2); anthrax in Zambia (5); hemorrhagic disease of rabbits in Denmark (3) and Sweden (1); New World screwworm in the USA (1); Bovine tuberculosis in Belgium (1).

Experts of the information Analysis Centre (FGBI ARRIAH) continue to follow global epidemic situation. Detailed information see on the Rosselkhoznadzor web-site in the section Epidemic Situation, IAC Reports http://www.fsvps.ru/fsvps/iac/messages/

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