Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (Rosselkhoznadzor)
Performance Results of Reference Laboratory for Cattle Diseases within FGBI “ARRIAH”


29.06.2016 15:18

Within four months of 2016 the staff of Reference Laboratory for Cattle Diseases within the FGBI “Federal Centre for Animal Health” subordinate to the Rosselkhoznadzor performed a number of serological and molecular-biological tests within monitoring of infectious disease agent spread rate.

6,259 sera samples from cattle of different age and sex from different RF regions were tested by ELISA.

339 samples were tested for bluetongue virus antibodies and 139 sera for Schmallenberg disease virus antibodies. No antibodies to these agents were detected.

510 out of 1,027 samples (49%) demonstrated antibodies against infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR); antibodies against bovine viral diarrhea (BVD) were detected in 328 out of 931 samples (35%); 337 out of 355 samples (95%) had antibodies against respiratory syncytial virus (RSV); antibodies against bovine mycoplasmosis were found in 59 out of 117 samples (50%); 24 out of 62 samples (38%) were positive for bovine chlamydiosis; 83 out of 1198 samples (70%) for bovine leucosis; 66 out of 118 samples (56%) showed antibodies against bovine pasteurellosis; 458 out of 585 samples (78%) had antibodies against bovine parainfluenza-3 (BP-3); antibodies against bovine rotavirus were found in 43 out of 260 (17%) samples; 141 out of 232 (61%) samples demonstrated antibodies against bovine coronavirus and 66 out of 75 samples (88%) contained antibodies against bovine adenovirus.

In total 3,282 samples of biological material from animals imported from Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Denmark and USA were tested for Schmallenberg disease virus and 110 samples for bluetongue by PCR. The genomes of the mentioned viruses were not detected. But in 47% of the samples bovine leucosis virus genome was detected by PCR, in 11% of samples – bovine rotavirus genome; in 7% - bovine coronavirus genome; in 2% bovine viral diarrhea virus genome.

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