Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (Rosselkhoznadzor)
Results Obtained from 16 April to 10 May, 2016 by Laboratory for Chemical Analysis in the FGBI ARRIAH Testing Centre


12.09.2016 10:53

From 16 April to 10 May, 2016 the Laboratory for Chemical Analysis within the Testing Centre of the Federal Centre for Animal Health (subordinated to the Rosselkhoznadzor) received 267 samples of plant and animal products and raw materials.

630 tests were carried out for presence and content of stilbenes, amphenicols; nitroimidazoles, aminoglycoside, tetracycline antibiotics; penicillin antibiotics, sulfanilamides, quinolones; anthelminthics, coccidiostats; sedative medicines, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, toxic elements, mycotoxins; pestisides and for organoleptic and quality parameters and for potential adulteration of dairy products (fat-acid content).

The carried out tests revealed 141 noncompliances with the RF legal requirements. Most noncomplainces (129) have been detected for fat-acid content parameters of dairy products, suggesting adulteration of dairy products.

Tests of meat products revealed excessive levels of chloramphenicol in one beef sample and 1 poultry meat sample. Excessive level of benzopyrene was detected in one sausage sample.

Excessive level of ochratoxin A was detected in one sample of tested feeds and feed additives. In addition, one noncomplaince for lysin mass fraction was detected in the tested samples and 1 for methionine mass fraction. Reduced mass fraction of raw protein was detected in 5 samples and pH in one sample was less than the legally established standard.

FGBI “ARRIAH”Press Office

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